Sunday, 26 October 2014


To my lovely friend Devanshi,

Another year has passed and I feel so honoured to have such a great friend like you. One who is always there for me and never fails to make me laugh. Time passes and you just seem to become smarter and smarter, nicer and nicer yet you still possess the same radiant glow about you everyday (especially when all of us are grumbling and complaining about our life troubles).

From the times when we used to race ahead in maths to our lovely afternoon train rides, I can't say I'm not heartbroken at the fact that you're leaving us. Despite this, we all know you will do exceptionally well in NSG and I suppose now you can finally look forward to some extra sleep in the mornings. In the wise words of Rihanna, I guess it really is time to "take a bow" ((flashback to Sunday)), but that it's never quite over. 

Hope you have the loveliest sixteenth birthday. To many more years of friendship, great eyebrow game, and flipping good music taste!

Love, Alice.